Mikael_Wandt_130x174 Mikael Wandt
AKA_130x174 Anders Karlsson
Chief Legal Counsel
Vice president PayEx Holding AB
Mikael_Wandt_130x174 Mikael Wandt
Ulrika_Sanders_Jonsson_130x174 Ulrika Sanders Jonsson
Levin_130x174 Niklas Levin
Business Area Manager Invoicers
Mohlin_130x174 Nicklas Molin
Business Area Manager Merchants
Mike_130x174 Mikael Hellberg
Business Area Manager Mobile
Malin Jönsson_130x174

Malin Jönsson
Business Area Manager Collection

Fredrik Hasselberg_130x174px

Fredrik Hasselberg
Head of Operations
Head of Strategy & Change

Jörgen_130x174 Jörgen Pettersson
Head of Customer Service
Jonas_Brenner_130x174 Jonas Brenner
CEO, PayEx Credit AB
Raymond_130x174 Raymond Klavestad
CEO, PayEx Norge AS